Sašo Kovačič Ivanjko

Gorenc – Igor Stare s.p.

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  • Tuesday 12:30-16:00
DescriptionThe Slovenian manufacturing company was established in 1996. The company is dealing with manufacture and design of agricultural machinery and metal products. They are specialist in supplying of agricultural machinery and tractor attachments for treatment of agricultural surfaces. The main products of the company are: cultivators, front-mounted crumbling discs, tine harrows, grass harrows, disc harrows, ploughs, boom poles, spare parts and other equipment. In addition to the manufacture of agricultural machinery, they also offer following services: robotized welding, laser cutting, lacquering, bending, sanding, CAD. The company is working on the extension of its list of suppliers and they want to upgrade their supplying sources with the Aluminum Oxide Grit, as the alternative to the existing production materials. Therefore, they are looking for the Aluminum Oxide Grit suppliers from Belgium, Netherlands or Denmark who would be ready to supply such product to them and thus extend their sales also on the Slovenian market. The company is interested in signing manufacturing agreements. The Slovenian manufacturing company and it’s experts have a wide commercial, technical and development experience with the production and sales of tractor attachments and other agricultural equipment. The company is geographically situated in the mixed forest-agricultural area.
Organization Type Company
CityCerklje na Gorenjskem, Spodnji Brnik 81 Google map
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