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Termodron d.o.o.

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  • Tuesday 12:30-16:00

In Termodron d.o.o. we have developed a solution for precise inspection of agricultural land, using UAVs, i.e. drones, state-of-the-art technology and algorithms. With our help, farmers can optimize the cost of labor, and the use of fertilizers and sprays to minimize the adverse effect on the environment, as pesticides are used only where necessary. Periodic inspections of agricultural land with drones result in an on-time response in dry periods, drainage and increased yields per hectare. The results of inspection and analysis are available within a very short period. The entire solution is farmer-friendly and simple to use.

In Termodron d.o.o. we have already successfully introduced the technology of unmanned aircraft in the field of power lines where we collaborate with several major electric companies. Finally, we have also performed a pilot project of the environment reconstruction in a 3D cloud of points for the car industry, which aids the evolution of autonomous vehicles.

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      Investor/distributor to further develop the solution of using drones in food production

      We are in search for an investor or distributor who is able to help us further develop our solution and enter foreign markets.

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