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"Biokom Trendafilov" Ltd. is a leading supplier of advanced and novel solutions for safety and hygiene of raw materials, end products and surfaces in the Food Industry.

Our policy, which guides our activities, is the preservation of the human health through manufacturing and distribution of safe and high quality food products by monitoring of every stage of food processing – as we say it “from the field to the fork” 

Our company is an exclusive Distributor of manufacturers of modern scientific technologies for microbiological and physicochemical analyses and monitoring of food products, recognized worldwide such as Hygiena International ltd, Invisible Sentinel, etc.

"Biokom Trendafilov" Ltd. is on the market in Bulgaria, where our headquarters are, for more than 30 years now, and we have offices also in Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Montenegro. 

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    equipment for quality and safety control in the Food Industry

    equipment for quality and safety control in the Food Industry

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