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  • Tuesday 12:30-16:00
DescriptionA Slovenian wholesaler, specialist in the production and sales of different meat and other food products, has been a leading national importer and distributor of food products for more than 25 years. They regularly cooperate with big and small retail shops, hotels, hospitals, schools and other public institutions. They are offering meat and meat products, fish, frozen fruits and vegetables, dairy products, canned food, confectionery, ice cream and other food products. They are looking for producers of aged beef meet. The enquired product – aged beef meat – should be supplied in a frozen state and as quoted in technical specification section. The company is currently extending its network of suppliers and they want to support their new sales capacities by reinforcing the purchasing sources. For this reason they are looking for the EU suppliers of the aged beef meat who would be interested to supply their products to this Slovenian company and this way extend their sales also on the Slovenian market. The company is interested in signing commercial agency agreement with the producers of aged beef meat. A SKYPE CONFERENCE WITH SELECTED BUSINESS PARTNERS WILL BE ORGANISED IN THE TIME PERIOD 26. – 30. AUGUST 2019.
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    Looking for suppliers of aged beef meat

    Slovenian wholesaler, specialist in production and sales of meat products is upgrading its network of suppliers. Therefore, they are looking for suppliers of aged beef meat in the EU who have a business interest to supply such products to this Slovenian company and this way expand their sales also on the Slovenian market. They are interested in signing the commercial agency agreement.

    The product that should be supplied is the aged beef meat according to the following specifications:

    Type: »Rib-eye« for steaks
    Weight: approx 4,0 kgs
    Period of aging: 30 days
    Beef age: 21-24 months
    Quality: premium
    Controled origin
    Packing: PVC

    Cooperation Requested
    1. Sales / Distribution