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DescriptionSlovene company has more than 37 years of tradition. It is based in small town near the capital city of Slovenia. In 1981 a small agricultural and forestry machinery repair workshop was established, which was transformed into a limited liability company in 1992. The company has established strong business connections in European, USA and Asian markets and have become one of the leading companies in the marketing of small agricultural and horticultural machinery, forestry machinery, garden hand tools and power tools, accessories and spare parts for machines of green and forestry program in Slovenia. They have established their market visibility by representing world-renowned brands, while continuously investing in the development of their own brands and trademarks. The company is selling following products: Garden: lawn mowers, garden tractors end garden machines, pumps, connectors, suction hoses, high-pressure cleaners, heaters, air compressors, tools, generator sets, hand tools, personal protection equipment Forestry: chain saws, chains, bars, sprockets for chain saws, files, chain sharpening tools, power sharp Winegrowing: sprayers - mist blowers, accessories for sprayers, pruning shears, knives, saws, binding material, fences, bottles, glasses, covers, jars, caps, agricultural pharmacy, pest control Miscellaneous: program for kids, sports and leisure, promotional items and clothes, pyrotechnics, books, magazines, literature. A complementary product to their sales is a leather tool bag. It is a bag that can hold the necessary tools for quick repairs of the machines on the site. It should have the features as stated in Technical Specification section. The company is working on the extension of its list of suppliers and they want to upgrade their sales support program to the agricultural machines. Therefore, they are looking for producers of tool bags in Germany and France who would be ready to supply their products to them and thus extend their sales also on the Slovenian market. They are interested in signing a Commercial agency agreement.

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CityMaribor, Pobreška cesta 20 Google map
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    Looking for producers of leather tool bags from Germany and France

    A Slovenian company specialized in sales of agricultural machinery and supporting equipment is looking for producers of leather tool bags from Germany and France to be sold in Slovenia under a commercial agency agreement.

    The product which should be supplied is a leather tool bag who's main technical characteristics are as follows:
    - Material: leather
    - Pockets & Tool Holders: 9-10
    - Weight: approx.1.0 kg.
    - Main Bag: approx. 38 x 20 cm
    - Outer Bag: approx. 25 x 12 cm

    Cooperation Requested
    1. Manufacturing agreement